Thursday, February 4, 2010

No I didn't fall off a cliff, I just deleted Facebook

It has been an awfully long time since I have carried on with my Carrie Bradshaw, blogging lifestyle. Fortunately, for me at least, my writing endeavors have not ceased completely, they have just not made it to the cyber-world.
I shall start off with this interesting fact: The other day I received a call from my high school friend (names are unnecessary) who informed me that someone had asked her if I died. Last time I checked, I am sitting here, alive and well (knock on wood). My friend happily informed this person, that yes I am alive, and when she asked why one would ask this, the response she got was...
"Because I haven't seen her on Facebook."


So, after deleting my Facebook in an attempt to:
1) Regain connection with people in real life or over the telephone (no, not texting, but actual phone calls) 2)Log on the computer for school related reasons and ACTUALLY finish my paper, research, or anything of the sort without hours of mindless distraction and 3) because Facebook is full of weirdos (aka person who thought I was dead after not finding me on FB) and lets face it, while I do personally know some of these weirdos from my past, they are in my past for a reason and I intend to keep them there, and far...far away from my facebook, I have realized that my schoolwork is actually quite interesting. Let me be honest, my first 2 and a half years of college were full of Sparknotes, all-nighters due to a high rate of procrastination, and minimal effort in order to save myself from being the geeky English major who loses themselves in Shakespeare, Steinbeck, and grammar so far that even your emails begin to sound geeky. However, with my new free time I have realized that I am an English major for a reason...I AM A GEEK! I am loving reading 18th Century American Literature, staying up and analyzing the grammatical structure of Henry James' novel written in 1877, and everything else that defines being an English major. I am a new woman. A book-finishing, sparknote-boycotting, non-procrastinating (sorta) student. I am loving my new life free of Facebook. No longer am I available for the world to track my every move, or for someone to send me countless Farmville requests so I can water their soil and harvest their corn (mom, I am talking to you here). And all the while, I have realized how much a real-life conversation can help rejuvenate your life. Heck, I may even start sending snail mail. love&literature, court

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