Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi. My name is Motivated Courtney.

Ok whatever, I brought back my Facebook and I'm not making any apologies. I'm 20 and I have an addiction. In fact, I also updated my Twitter, started another blog, and basically got more sucked into the internet than ever before. Moving on..

Today I realized something. Not like most realizations I make such as, "hey i probably shouldn't eat this chocolate donut along with my venti-extra hot-2 shot-caramel macchiato" but more like a life changing realization. I have become motivated in a way that I know will last longer than my New years resolutions. I have set goals for myself that are attainable (my high school leadership teacher would be so proud) and I have learned to enjoy myself while doing things that are more or less unenjoyable (example: reading 200 pages a night of 18th century American literature).

The thing I love most about this new found motivation is the way I stumbled upon it. At 20 years old, I am at a cross roads in my life. I have found that people I interact with everyday are inspiring me to be a better person (corny and true). These people are my role models whether they know it or not. Yes, my mom and dad are always people I look up to, but I'm talking about people like the girls I work with each night at Opa! where the stress level is high, the room is loud, and they all still look gorgeous and have poise. Or my cousin Whitney who I have watched in the past year, turn into a fabulous mother, a devoted wife, and still stay the fun and beautiful girl i've known all my life.

Life is not about promising yourself you'll go to the gym everyday and then kicking yourself because you never went; or swearing you won't eat carbs and then slowly torturing yourself while you watch your family eat pasta while you munch on broccoli. Good things in life come when you least expect it and when you dont try so damn hard. Working at restaurants since I was 14 has taught me that when the going gets tough, you make your smile even bigger, get your voice a little higher, and fake it until the crowd dies down and you are $100 richer. The most stressful situations shouldn't make anyone give up and run for the hills (something I am very good at) but instead make you dig down pretty damn deep and do something amazing.

Of course, I'm only 20 and I still have a lot to learn. Thankfully, I'm inspired by people everyday; inspired to write, learn, grow, and improve which is all I can ask for in my life.

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