Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Innocent, Pure & Sweet

I don't know where to start.

The word whirlwind comes to mind.
The word consistency doesnt.

What is it they say? Same shit different day.

Thats my life. Yet for some reason, I am still defending those who hurt me and ignoring the ones who don't. People who say they "put up walls" and "have a guard up".. I used to hate those people. Then I became one.

The wall comes from this

"I love you", "I don't love you anymore", "Fuck you", "Come back to me", "I need you", "You're evil"

Evil? Really.

I call bullshit. And while I'm calling bullshit, I also will call you...a drama queen.

Living life inconsistently is a curse and a blessing, I've decided. It leads me to road trips with the windows down and Taylor Swift blaring and the same day it sends me a text telling me its over.


Funny because it has to be. Crying is a thing of the past.