Monday, September 21, 2009

Hakuna Matata

Today, I found myself back in high school and no, this is not as awful as it sounds. After my precious group of fourteen year old tweeny boppers defeated my alma mater Westmont High in our first game, we gathered for a team dinner. Needless to say, I found the 20 year old version of myself having some serious high school fun. For two hours, I played ping pong, witnessed back hand springs gone awry, listened to songs by the Jonas Brothers, and wondered where the time has gone. Alas, I can't really say I don't know where the time has gone because I do in fact know exactly what I have done with my three years out of high school.
I have lost friends I would have been at my own team dinner with three years ago. I have gained a boyfriend that laughs at my horrendous jokes, sits by my side through Gossip Girl marathons, and loves me unconditionally. I have watched my mom survive Cancer. I have lived three years outside of the bubble I perfectly molded for myself for four years. Looking at my team, I could not help but suppress a twinge of envy for their carefree ways. After all, the biggest crisis of the night seemed to be what to dress up as for the next home game and whose football jersey one would love to wear. My girls laugh when I tell them this but the truth is, the three years I have spent venturing out of my bubble have been guided by them. There is no where else in the world one can go when a loved one is diagnosed with the ugliest of diseases, and spend the afternoon laughing as if Cancer was never even invented. Thankfully for me, I have that escape. Each and every day I get to spend my afternoon doing what I love and go home to a boy and family who are proud of me.

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